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The History

Healthway Services, created and run by Françoise Horenburg, has been operating in Gaborone, Botswana, since 1982. Situated now at The Land, in Mokatse Village, this simple space has been the place of health and “healing” for many people who have passed through the doors into a natural and loving “Space of Love”, and have improved their health and well-being through the therapeutic massages and reflexology and by choosing to implement the knowledge they have gained and changed their lifestyle for the better.

Healthway Services, your path way to better health and well-being through bodywork, movement and programs. Step through the doors and come into a place where you can experience authentic and qualified Natural health techniques and systems. Adapted to your needs and circumstances, you will receive what you need in the moment, and will leave refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.

About Françoise Horenburg

Françoise has been in the holistic health field for more than 50 years. Her passion for caring for the wellbeing of other people and the earth fuels her work and contributes to her ever growing thirst to learn more and share more in all areas of holistic health and earth wisdom.

Françoise has been professionally active, since 1965, as a self-employed therapist in the fields of Human Potential Development and a wholistic approach to health care and prevention. She uses modalities such as counselling, nutrition, therapeutic massages, bioesthetique (bio-aesthetician), bodywork, Yoga, and Capacitar.  

Her motto is “prevention is better than cure”. Respect and care of the environment has also always been an intrinsic part of her life, and which greatly influences her practice of health care and her own lifestyle.

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Welcome to Healthway Services

Through the hands and unconditional love of Françoise Horenburg, you will receive experienced therapeutic massage techniques that will bring about healing, relaxation and loosening of joints and muscles. In addition, your enjoyment will include tender loving care with the calm atmosphere of background music.

If you wish to experience counselling, you can talk in respected privacy and empty your heart burdens while receiving health and wellness knowledge and focused and beneficial reflexology techniques.


Depending on your needs and on the moment, you will experience different techniques such as:

   Bioesthetique in the form of different beauty therapies such as:

    All massages and beauty therapeutic treatments only include the use of high standard Chemotyped aromatology (scientific aromatherapy) essential oils (CTO’s) from Pranarom Laboratory in France and Belgium.

    Fresh Aloe Vera from the garden can also be used. Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties and when combined with loving hands, you truly get the greatest therapeutic massage experience!

Also available:

Day Retreats

Experience the relaxation, peace, renewed vitality and harmony

of The Land in Mokatse village in South-East Botswana.

Come alone or come with friends, family, colleagues...

You will experience a time to be at peace with yourself, the time to listen to that inner voice or the time to sit back and relax, enjoying a good book or just watching the clouds go by. The choice is yours and in the meantime, you will share delicious homemade food, listen to music, do some art and craft, take a walk and just Be in an atmosphere of tranquility and gentle natural surroundings.

Hatha Yoga

Hat ha Yoga has excellent effects on our Body, Mind and Spirit as it keeps us fit, builds up our muscles to a healthy level, keeps our figure beautiful, increases the power of our immune system,  improves the level of our general health and also keeps us in balance.

Yoga is not an achievement. It is not a technique of the mind or body. It is a balance, a unity of the heart, the mind, the body and the intellect within which all things are possible.

Currently available only during Retreats at The Land

Wellbeing programs designed to
stress; emotional difficulties; mental fog; traumas; physical aches and tension; chronic health issues; and more



vitality and energy; adaptability to stress; general health and wellbeing; mental focus and clarity; emotional control and balance; ability to deal with challenges; body, mind and spirit connection; and more

Another Way Workshops, facilitated by Françoise Horenburg and her daughter, Nancy Horenburg, are based on bringing forth knowledge from all sources of holistic health and well-being and bringing these simple modalities and information into action into your everyday lives. Through these workshops, you will gain numerous ideas and actions to guide you along your way to greater physical health, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual connection. You will also enjoy the delicious home made food, and the peace and power of the Land, a “Space of Love,” in the village of Mokatse.

Treat yourself to another way of health and knowledge leading to action by joining our Another Way Workshops.